• Raw A2 Milk

    The Gau Company produces and delivers pure Gir Cow A2 Milk (Gaay Ka Doodh) and A2 Milk Products.

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  • Pure A2 Ghee

    Made through ancient Indian, traditional hand churned bilona method using 100% pure chemical free A2 milk.

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Gir Cow A2 Milk & A2 Ghee

Mother’s Purity Packaged Only For You.

Gir Cow A2 Milk & A2 ghee is about purity, freshness and health!

Just the way nature intended it to be. At The Gau Company, we believe in sharing what nature provides us in the purest form.

Preservative Free A2 Milk

Did nature really want us to eat and drink preservative? Off course Not.

Do you know Almost all branded organic milk nowadays contains milk of only HF and Jersey cows which contains harmful A1 PROTEIN?

a2 Milk comes from Gir cows with hump on back, they naturally produce only A2 protein.

Why consume milk which has been preserved and reconstituted over 96 hours to 6 months? Can we call it MILK? ☹

Welcome to The Gau Company, We produce and deliver Preservative free A2 milk under our brand name Gaay ka Doodh.

Milk as mother intended it to be 😊

Oh, did we forget to mention, 100% PURE!

Get a trial plan and give it a try. The Gau Company delivers pure Gir Cow A2 Milk in Navi Mumbai & Thane.

Vedic A2 Ghee

Vedic A2 Ghee is made through ancient Indian, traditional hand churned bilona method using pure a2 milk.

A2 Ghee is good to retain health, fat soluble vitamins, which facilitate the absorption of essential nutrients in our body.

A2 Ghee is full of nutritive fatty acids, an ideal fat source for Indian vegetarian diet. It slows down ageing process, lowers bad cholesterol and boosts metabolism. Its regular consumption enhances physical and mental strength for balanced and active lifestyle. It keeps the body healthy, fit and increases the potency of the body.

With its pleasant aroma and flavor, our Vedic a2 ghee makes every dish in your home satiating and delicious. Free from preservatives, we ensure only the purest a2 ghee reaches your family. Free Delivery Pan India.

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A2 Milk Debate & Beyond

Grass TransparentGir CowJersey Cow

Dr. Keith Woodford, who is the author of “THE DEVIL IN THE MILK”, has spent his entire lifetime statically linking the many harmful effects of A1 variety of milk produced by humpLESS and exotic variety of cows on human body.

Today, science states that a long long time ago, all cows were A2 in nature. Somewhere in time, some cows breed mutated to carry A1 gene.

Youtube, Wikipedia, Newspapers, Scientific and Health magazines is full of information about it, so go ahead and give the internet a chance. You can read here the Health Benefits of Raw A2 Milk as well. Open your eyes before its too late.

Evolution takes places over millions of years and at that time mother nature considers all aspects to create a being most suited to a particular geography.

Our Desi cows breed have been here for many years evolving with the local grasses, hence this naturally gives her an advantage over cold weather mutated breeds forcefully introduced in our country. Their milk and by-products naturally suits us the most.

All references in Ayurveda and other religious scriptures point to our desi cows breed only. That’s why, we say
Love Natural, Be Natural, Get Gir Cow Milk and A2 Ghee!

Be smart, choose Gaay ka Doodh!

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What others say about us

Thank you The Gau Co. for providing high quality dairy products at our doorstep everyday. The a2 milk in mumbai you send us everyday even before we wake up is so pure and tasty. Your service and customer handling processes are unmatched. Our family’s dairy intake has increased and we now make everything from ghee, dahi to paneer at home using your milk and everything comes out so well. Thank You Nikita & Rahul for taking care of our dairy needs.

Was really surprised to know fresh desi A2 milk delivery exists until we got introduced to The Gau Company. Since a year we have been consuming not just the milk but the ghee too and feel much healthier. Through an ongoing interaction we realized a lot of effort goes into producing quality milk consistently which has been maintained thereby team. Great going …

My whole family loves the milk from The Gau company…..We have so many reasons for it…..the thickness… Taste…. The purity….there is no match….even the paneer made at home from this milk tastes so yum….
I have been using the ghee too and that too is of the highest quality…
Thank u for your amazing service…..always on time and takes special care of their customers

Its been more than a year since we shifted to A2 milk. The quality of milk is authentic. Though may take a little longer for taste buds to get used to it, but definitely the benefits overcome .The packaging also is very clean and neat. The delivery services are commendable. It is worthy enough  & no doubt at all in recommending to friends ..Keep growing THE GAU COMPANY !!

I have been having A2 milk from the Gau company for over a year now and I love the quality of the milk and ghee. It reminds me of the pure milk we used to have as kids. We make curd and paneer from the same milk and it tastes flavorful. I was never fond of cream, now I’m loving it. Their farm is very clean with well maintained cows.  Overall, I strongly recommend The Gau company as they do not compromise on the fodder and take great care of their cows. Great going Team Gau Company. Keep doing the good work.

It’s been an year and the quality of the milk is consistently great. I love the thick cream taste and above all my four year old boy loves this healthy glass everyday. Kudos to the Gau company.

I have been using the milk supplied by The Gau Company since almost a year now and touch wood, the frequency of my family’s ailments and illnesses have has drastically dropped. It has truly worked wonders. Their A2 Ghee is another boon – I can really vouch by its purity and lack of any kind of adulteration. Thought we consume the ghee in fair amounts on a daily basis our weight has been maintained and all of us are having tastier, healthier meals. My children enjoy treating themselves to spoonfuls of the ghee and I allow them without any doubt or guilt. I would surely recommend others.

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