A2 Milk Facts to Know

People nowadays are more health conscious than ever before. Everyone wants to be healthy and fit. So, demands for such kinds of products have surged in recent times. In the same context we are hearing a lot about Desi Gir cow A2 Milk.

What is it? Where does it come from? What are the real benefits? 

All the answers are here inside this post.

Difference between A1 and A2 Milk

Basically, any milk is made up of two components i.e. calcium and protein. The 80% of milk protein is formed by Casein, which is further bifurcated in two types named A1 and A2. The milk which has A2 beta casein is known as A2 type of milk. The fresh Gir A2 cow A2 milk is slightly yellowish in colour and naturally sweet in taste.

How A2 Milk is beneficial for health?

The A2 beta casein of the milk breaks down into amino acids that leads to faster digestion. It also contains different nutrients such as calcium, potassium, selenium and various vitamins. These all help in maintaining and improving good cholesterol and nurturing the human body. Research has shown better results in children also, as it helps them to grow in a faster manner and improve their body and brain.

Curd produced from A2 milk has probiotics which are well known for healthy gut bacteria and a good digestive system. Consumption of A2 milk for a prolonged time helps to improve kidney health, migraine, thyroid, reduces acidity, joint pain and overall health.

Where does A2 milk come from?

A2 milk comes from Desi Gir breed of cows which is our indigenous cow breed. 

These Gir cows with humps deliver A2 cow milk. It is also necessary that the milk you consume must be unadulterated.