What is Bilona Ghee

Since time immemorial, the Bilona method of ghee extraction has existed.

Our ancestors considered it as a sattvic food with numerous elixir-like properties.

In this fast era due to high demand and commercialization this method has been forgotten.

The gau company truly respects the tradition and understands the need thus still follows the same method of extraction of ghee. 

Bilona ghee: Meaning of  bilona is to churn milk or yogurt with a churn or stick to extract butter. Bilona ghee has more characteristics than the normal ghee. It is definitely a tedious process but due to its innumerable health benefits it is known as one of the best methods of ghee extraction.  

How Bilona ghee is prepared:

The process of Bilona ghee preparation starts with curd setting. Firstly, A2 milk is heated in a low flame. Then we add some curd (jamawan)  in it so that A2 milk gets fermented to curd overnight. Then, we churn the curd using the bilona method. Now, it is time to heat the butter. The heating process will continue until ghee forms. Finally, we filter the bilona ghee. Your key to health is here in a jar of The Gau Company A2 Bilona Ghee.

Health benefits of Bilona ghee:

  • Bilona ghee has more antioxidants and vitamins than the normal ghee.
  • Bilona ghee contains essential fatty acids.
  • Bilona ghee keeps our hearts fit and healthy.
  • It acts better against inflammation.
  • Bilona ghee is known for its hormonal balancing traits.
  • It has anti cancer properties.
  • It improves better cognitive skills and growth in people of all ages.
  • Bilona ghee gives better digestive health. 
  • It is recommended during a weight loss diet.
  • It detoxifies the body.
  • Improves eyesight.
  • Can be consumed by lactose intolerant persons as all the milk solids are already removed.
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