Health Benefits of A2 Milk & Ghee for Kids

A2 milk and its allied products are elixirs for health. It can be called a pure bliss for babies as well. In our various ancient ayurvedic scriptures it has been mentioned as a great health and immunity booster. In this article we will discuss the benefits of giving A2 milk and Ghee to babies. 

When to Start A2 Ghee and milk for kids

The first question arises when to start A2 Milk and Ghee to our little ones. As soon as solids are introduced to babies Ghee and Milk can also be introduced to babies. For some babies dairy products can be allergic so be mindful and cautious during the first time. Although, most of the babies can easily digest as it has beta casein which is easy on digestion and may reduce discomfort compared to A1 milk.

Immunity Booster:

The Gau Company A2 Ghee is made using traditional Bilona method which preserves maximum nutrients. It retains maximum micro and macro nutrients which makes it an essential daily diet supplement. It gives babies natural immunity to fight against the common cold and flu. It has all fat soluble vitamins like C,E and K. which is important for skin, hair, eyes and bone health to our kids. It is rich in omega 3 which ensures proper brain functioning.

Essential during pregnancy: 

Health of a mothers reflects on the child’s health. So, the health of the mother is important for babies. During pregnancy it is important to take 200 to 300 extra calories and this is easily achievable with A2 ghee. It helps in flushing out the harmful toxins and repairing the damaged tissues. Whether it is sweet tooth craving or salty The Gau Company A2 Ghee is always your best companion. It is equally important for the baby’s health which is inside you.

Strengthens bone: 

A2 Ghee has Lenoleic acid which is known for improving bone masses. It is a rich and natural source of Calcium and Vitamin D. Kids are highly benefited by A2 Ghee as it is easy to consume and tasty as well.

Digestive benefits:

A2 Ghee has Butyric acid which is a short chain fatty acid which reduces inflammation and improves digestion. A spoonful of ghee is essential for this in a whole day.

Brain health:

The presence of DHA, choline, and sphingolipids present in ghee plays a vital role in the normal brain functioning and cognitive ability of a kid.

Helps in weight gaining:

After mother milk it is important to provide babies the same nutrient rich food during the start of solids too. Every mother is concerned about the weight gain of their babies. A2 Ghee and Milk is perfect and easy to use. It glows skin because of its minerals and helps in weight gaining with good fats. It can also be used as massage oil. 

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