How to make ‘A2 protein rich curd’ at home

Only A2 milk has A2 protein. There are many ways through which one can make curd at home using A2 milk but here in this article we will discuss the traditional way of preparing it. Curd is also called Dahi, Indian yoghurt, dahi etc. Ayurveda considers curd as a probiotic that helps the human body to absorb whole nutrients.

Now, how to prepare a traditional protein rich curd at home according to Ayurveda is as follows

Step 1: Select the best quality A2 milk with no added preservatives and not genetically engineered.

Step 2: Boil the milk optimally like neither overheated nor underheated. It must be heated around 80 degree celsius.

Step 3: Cool down milk to lukewarm around 40 degree celsius.

Step 4: Add a curd starter to your lukewarm A2 milk.

Step 5: At last keep this mixture aside for some hours at a little warm place.

Now, you can enjoy home made A2 milk protein rich curd/dahi which is also preservative free. It will keep your family’s and your health maintained.

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