Health Benefits of Raw A2 Milk

There are several other Health Benefits of Raw A2 Milk. It is a powerful yet soothing combination of Calcium, Potassium, Proteins and other nutrients which is essential for healthy bones. Apart from this, raw a2 milk also plays an important role in other aspects of health and nutrition.

Benefits of Raw A2 Milk and some facts that you would love to know:

  1. A2 Milk contains Vitamins that are beneficial to our health. These help in absorbing phosphorus and calcium very necessary to build and maintain our bones and teeth. Riboflavin helps our body use carbohydrates for energy and Vitamin B12, helps our body in breaking protein and RBC production.
  2. Minerals like calcium, phosphorus and potassium in milk help us to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Calcium is very much needed for the proper functioning of muscle, bones and to maintain our blood pressure.
  4. Phosphorous not only provides building blocks for healthy bones and teeth but also helps to produce protein for cells and tissues growth, maintain and repair.
  5. Potassium is important for functioning of our body cells, tissues, organs and in regulating blood pressure.
  6. Protein in a2 milk is the most affordable source – 1 gm in 30 ml.
  7. A2 milk doesn’t cause the same inflammatory response in those who are lactose intolerant like the way A1 milk causes. When you consume pure A2 milk, you can relish its benefits without any gastrointestinal discomforts.

One of the best breeds in India, Gir cows, provides this in the form of A2 milk. Hence, including Raw A2 milk in your diet is a step towards a healthy body and mind.