Why is A2 milk costlier than regular milk?

Milk is essential for everyone one, especially when it comes to tea, coffee. Even children love milk glass along with some of their favourite flavours. People of all ages love to have milk. But, adulteration is a rising concern which necessitates us to think twice before consuming milk.

People often question our pricing, so in this article we will discuss the hidden reason behind. Cow hygiene, health, fodder, nature friendly packaging and delivery to your doorstep are the major factors behind the price.

Unlike any other breed of cows, Desi Gir cows need little extra care. In terms of maintaining the best milk quality we give them organic fodder and fresh water. They need grasslands to graze, sunlight and natural environment. We also ensure regular health checkups for our beloved gir cows.

The onus is on their good fodder only as we don’t use any hormone for high milk production. The outcome of this care and love is nutritious A2 milk from Gir cows.

We collect the milk and deliver it to your doorstep in a glass bottle. Handling a glass bottle is costlier than a plastic packet. They are fragile in nature and reverse logistics are also needed because of re-usability of bottles.

These all are the factors that constitute the price of our A2 milk.